A Letter to The Whole Damn World...
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 09:51PM
Diane Bones

Dear World,

            Please accept my sincerest apologies regarding Donald J. Trump, “President” of the United States.

            I know I don’t speak for everyone in America – for example, the individuals who stand behind Donald in those Klan meetings… uh, I mean, Trump rallies…  definitely do not share my views, nor my outstandingly chic fashion sense – but nevertheless, I simply must express myself.

            Why? Because, every day, when the latest Trumponian faux pas hits the news, I wonder what the rest of the world is thinking about America.

Do they look at their TV screen, dumbfounded, and repeat the phrase “Oh, how the mighty have fallen” in their native tongue?


I can relate. While I am not a Constitutional scholar nor a political junkie, I have been around the block enough times to trust my gut instincts about people.

I get that from my Mother, a woman of strong opinions and few words. For example, if she thought an actor wasn’t the greatest, she’d sum up his theatrical skills with this succinct but powerful review: “He STINKS!”

              Indeed, if the late great Mommy Bones were around to witness the boorish behavior of DJT, I just know she’d sum up his presidency thusly: “He’s an IDIOT.”

              Oh, the conversations we could have…

              But back to you, world.

               I felt compelled to assure you that many of us in this country cringe every time we absorb the latest presidential headlines. From mocking sexual assault survivors to dismissing female journalists to holding a pity party for young men who are living in “scary times,” whole bunches of American citizens can scarcely believe how inappropriate one human being can be in a single day.

              Thankfully, in this great country of ours, we are free to voice our opinions, so I won’t be incarcerated for letting you know that lotsa folks have a shit fit every time our “leader” opens his big, artificially-tanned pie hole. (Really, who is his makeup person? He or she should definitely hear the infamous words, “YOU’RE FIRED!”)

            In conclusion, world, this is just a quick note to assure you that I am not responsible for/in support of ANYTHING that Trump says or does.

            True, there are still many in our country who actually still applaud Trump. And, in a stroke of marketing genius, you'll notice several dozen of them squished into a pulsating pep squad during his speeches to create the illusion that all of ‘Merica adores him.  

            But as for the rest of us, we have had it up to our eyelashes with this guy.

            And we feel this way, to summarize the immortal words of Mommy Bones, because he’s an idiot.

            Thanks for understanding. In these excruciating times, it means the world to me.

                                                                                                                        Yours Truly,


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